The Study on Reducing Cogging Torque of Propulsion Motor for Electric Ship

함정용 추진전동기 코깅 토크 저감에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2005.09.30


Ships have been propelled and maneuvered by electrical drives since trle late seventies. Recently, rare earth PMs allow the design of brushless motors with very high efficiency over a wide speed range. This is the most important factor in ship propulsion technology. Several types PM motors have been developing for ship propulsion system. However these have disadvantage such as cogging torque. It causes an undesired effect that contributes to output ripple, vibration, and noise of machine. Therefore several techniques may be adopted in designing PM motor in order to reduce the cogging torque. This paper describes cogging torque receding methods such as adjusting arigap length, magnet arc, and magnet thickness. That are analysed by using the finite element method(FEM) and the maxwell stress tensor method.