Evaluating Records and Their Descriptive Elements in the Records Management of Korea on the Basis of the Characteristics of a Record and Recordkeeping Metadata Standards

기록의 속성과 메타데이터 표준을 통해 본 한국의 기록·기록기술

  • Published : 2004.10.31


ISO 15489:2001 addresses the principles and requirements with which organizations, both public and private, should comply on the management of their records to ensure that adequate records are created, captured and managed. The standard defines the characteristics that a record should have through records management system as follows: authenticity, reliability, integrity, and usability. Authenticity means that records can be proven to be what it purports to be, to have been created or sent by the person purported to have created or sent it, and to have been created or sent at the time purported. Reliability means that the contents of the records can be trusted as a full and accurate representation of the transactions, activities or facts to which they attest and can be depended upon in the course of subsequent transactions or activities. Integrity refers to ensuring that a record is complete and unaltered. Usability means that records can be located, retrieved, presented and interpreted. In order to have these characteristics, a record should be persistently linked to the metadata necessary to document a transaction. Metadata is "data describing context, content and structure of records and their management through time." Metadata ensure the creation and maintenance of authentic, reliable and usable records and the protection of the integrity of those records. It could be implemented by creating and capturing records management metadata in systems that create and manage records. There have been some projects and standard initiatives to identify a core set of records management metadata. Included are the Australian Recordkeeping Metadata Standard and the British Metadata Standard which is part of the Requirements for Electronic Records Management System. Recently ISO/TS 23081-1 is published to implement metadata requirements within the framework of ISO 15489. Public records management system in Korea is ruled by the Act on the Management of Archives by Public Agencies and Administrative Records Management Regulation. This article evaluates records and their descriptive elements captured and maintained by the records management system in Korea on the basis of the international metadata standards.