A Protective Effectiveness Measure for Distribution Systems

배전계통 보호시스템의 보호능력의 평가방법

  • Published : 2004.05.01


This paper suggests a novel evaluation scheme of protective effectiveness in distribution systems. The adequacy of every parameter in a protective device is evaluated for the setting or correction rules. Then, the protective effectiveness of a device, device-wise effectiveness, is obtained by the combination of the parametric evaluation results. The coordination-wise effectiveness between devices can be calculated by evaluating the parameters which contribute the performance of coordination. The protective effectiveness of the whole system can be obtained by combining the device-wise and coordination-wise effectiveness values. The rules, in this paper, are categorized into three groups; rules for single parameter, rules for coordination between parameters, and rules for coordination between protective devices to form a hierarchical calculation model. The proposed method is applied to a typical distribution network to show its effectiveness.


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