Accurate FDTD Analysis of Bow-tie Antenna

  • Cho, Young-Il (Microwave and Antenna Lab., Information and Communications University) ;
  • Park, Dong-Hyuk (Microwave and Antenna Lab., Information and Communications University) ;
  • Park, Soeng-Ook (Microwave and Antenna Lab., Information and Communications University)
  • Published : 2004.03.01


In this paper, FDTD analysis of the bow-tie antenna is investigated by incorporating static field solution that is suitable to the bow-tie antenna without increasing computational time. Transforming static feld solution to the rotated grid system, we can obtain the transformed static field solution which is able to represent field behavior near the oblique edge line of the bow-tie antenna. The result shows a good agreement with a MoM analysis and is compared conformal modeling technique and regular FDTD method.


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