Enhancing Effect of Organic Substances on Hydroxyl Radical Generation During Ozonation of Water: Stopped-Flow ESR Technique

  • Han, Sang-Kuk (Department of Marine Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Ocean System Engineering, Mokpo National Maritime University)
  • Published : 2004.12.20


Generation of hydroxyl radical, one of their major active species in ozonation of water was directly observed with spin-trapping/electron spin resonance (ESR) technique using 5,5-dimethyl-pyrrolidine-1-oxyl (DMPO) as a spin-trapping reagent. Hydroxyl radical was trapped with DMPO as a stable radical, DMPO-OH. 80 mM of ozone produced $1.08{\times}10^{-6}$M of DMPO-OH, indicating that 1.4% of ${\cdot}$OH is trapped with DMPO if ${\cdot}$OH is produced stoichiometrically from ozone. Humic acid suppressed DMPO-OH generation in a dose-dependent manner. Generation rate of DMPO-OH was determined with ESR/stopped-flow measurement. Phenol derivatives increased the amount and generation rate of DMPO-OH, indicating that phenol derivatives enhance·OH generation during ozonation of water.


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