• Kim, Hee-Young (Mathematics, Korea Advanced Institution of Science and Technology)
  • Published : 2004.06.25


Access Control is one of essential branches to provide system's security. Depending on what standards we apply, in general, there are Role-based access control, History-based access control. The first is based on subject's role, The later is based on subject's history. In fact, RBAC has been implemented, we are using it by purchasing some orders through the internet. But, HBAC is so complex that there will occur some errors on the system. This is more and more when HBAC is used with other access controls. So HBAC's formalization and model which are general enough to encompass a range of policies in using more than one access control model within a given system are important. To simplify these, we design the mathematical model called non-access structure. This Non-access structure contains to historical access list. If it is given subjects and objects, we look into subject grouping and object relation, and then we design Non-access structure. Then we can determine the permission based on history without conflict.