Bivalve Mollusks in Yeongil Bay, Korea, 1. Introductory Part and Annotated List of Species

  • Lutaenko Konstantin A. (Institute of Marine Biology, Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences) ;
  • Je, Jong-Geel (Ecosystem and Environment Research Laboratory, KORDI) ;
  • Shin, Sang-Ho (Ecosystem and Environment Research Laboratory, KORDI)
  • Published : 2003.06.30


An annotated listing of bivalve mollusks collected at 31 sampling sites in Yeongil Bay (eastern coast of Korea) at a depth of 0-52m is presented here. A total of 98 species belonging to 75 genera and 36 families are enumerated; all species are provided with habitat data (bathymetric distribution and bottom sediments character), given separately far living and dead (empty shells) specimens, and some with taxonomic and zoogeographic comments. Fifty-six species are illustrated with photographs. Astarte hakodatensis Yokoyama, 1920 (Astartidae), Nitidotellina pallidula (Lischke 1871) (Tellinidae) and Lyonsia nuculanoformis Scarlato in Volova et Scarlato, 1980 (Lyonsiidae) are found to be new to the Korean fauna, and the genus Salaputium Iredale, 1924 (Crassatellidae) with one species Salapurium Iredale, 1924(Crassatellidae) with one species Salaputium cf. unicum Hayami and Kase, 1993, previously described as being found only from submarine caves in the Ryukyu Islands, is recorded as being found in the East Sea(Sea of Japan) for the first time.


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