The Prevention of the Longitudinal Deformation on the Built­Up Beam by using Induction Heating

  • Park, J. U. (Department of Civil Engineering, Chosun University) ;
  • Lee, C. H. (Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Chungang University) ;
  • K. H. Chang (Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Chungang University)
  • Published : 2003.12.01


During the manufacture of a ship, longitudinal deformation is produced by fillet welding on the Built­Up beam used to improve the longitudinal strength of a ship. This deformation needs a correcting process separate from a manufacture process and decreases productivity and quality. This deformation is caused by welding moment, which is the value multiplied the shrinking force due to welding by the distance from the neutral axis on a cross section of Built­Up beam. This deformation can be offset by generating a moment which is the same magnitude with and is located in an opposite direction to the welding moment on web plate by induction heating. Accordingly, this study clarifies the creation mechanism of the longitudinal deformation on Built­Up beam with FEM analysis and presents the preventative method of this deformation by induction heating basing the mechanism and verifies its validity through analysis and experiments. The induction heating used here is performed by deciding its location and quantity with experiments and simple equations and by applying them to a real structure.