산화주석을 기반으로 한 DMMP 후막가스센서 제작

fabrication of DMMP Thick Film Gas Sensor Based on SnO2

  • 발행 : 2003.12.01


Nerve gas sensor based on tin oxide was fabricated and its characteristics were examined. Target gas is dimethyl methyl phosphonate(C$_3$ $H_{9}$ $O_3$P, DMMP) that is simulant gas of nerve gas. Sensing materials were Sn $O_2$ added a-Al$_2$ $O_3$ with 0∼20wt.% and were physically mixed each material. They were deposited by screen printing method on alumina substrate. The sensor device was consisted of sensing electrode with interdigit(IDT) type in front and a heater in back side. Total size of device was 7${\times}$10${\times}$0.6㎣. Crystallite size & phase identification and morphology of fabricated Sn $O_2$ powders were analyzed by X-ray diffraction and by a scanning electron microscope, respectively. Fabricated sensor was measured as flow type and resistance change of sensing material was monitored as real time using LabVIEW program. The best sensitivity was 75% at adding 4wt.% $\alpha$-Al$_2$ $O_3$, operating temperature 30$0^{\circ}C$ to DMMP 0.5ppm. Response and recovery time were about 1 and 3min., respectively. Repetition measurement was very good with $\pm$3% in full scale.TEX>$\pm$3% in full scale.


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