Estimation of Internal Friction Angle by the Back Analysis on Collapsed Rock Slope

붕괴된 암반사면에서 역해석에 의한 내부마찰각의 추정

  • 이달원 (충남대학교 농공학과) ;
  • 김갑중 (건설교통부 대전지방국토관리청)
  • Published : 2003.11.01


In this study, the back analysis was performed by means of stereo-net, plane failure and block failure method to collapsed fields among the rock slopes designed by standardized criterion, and the internal frictions from the back analysis were compared with those used to reinforcement design. It was concluded that in the result of the analysis by means of stereo net, plain failure and block failure methods, the internal frictions used to re-design of collapsed slope underestimated 10$^{\circ}$, 5$^{\circ}$ and 10$^{\circ}$ in average. At present, the internal friction on the design is used the experience value according to the state of weathering, but internal friction angle by the back analysis on collapsed slope with various methods were more reliable values than those from the present method. And it was concluded that re-design was made extravagantly because the internal friction used to re-design for reinforcement of the collapsed slope was less than back analysis.


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