Conception Rate of Ovulation-Estrus Synchronization Method in Hanwoo

한우에 있어서 발정ㆍ배란 동기화법에 의한 수태율

  • Published : 2003.09.01


This objective of this experiment were to evaluate the effect of various estrus synchronization programs on estrus detection rate and pregnancy rate in Hanwoo. After Postpartum 60 Days, a total of 150 cows divided into 2 groups. Cows Group 1 were treated with one luteolytic dosage of PGF$_2$$\alpha$(25 mg, im; lutalyse. USA) on Day 0, and with a second dosage 14 d later; cows in Group 2 were treated with GnRH(l00 $\mu\textrm{g}$, im; Conceral. Korea) on Day 0, PGF$_2$$\alpha$ 7 d later, GnRH 2 d later, and then time-inseminated approximately 16 h after this second treatment with GnRH. Ovarian morphology was monitored cows by trans-rectal ultrasonography from 24 hr to 32 hrs after second GnRH injection. The result obtained summarized as follows: 1. Cows synchronization of estrus with GnRH+PGF$_2$$\alpha$+GnRH(Ov-synch) and PGF$_2$$\alpha$ were 91.3 and 40.0%, respectively. 2. Induced ovulation were 24 to 32hr after the second GnRH injection, but high induced ovulation was 28hr. 3. High conception rate were 24hr insemination after the second GnRH injection. 4. Conception rate with PGF$_2$$\alpha$, CIDR and GnRH treatment were 50.0, 36.0 and 76.9%, respectively.


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