Effect of Geometrical Discontinuity on Ductile Fracture Initiation Behavior under Static Leading

  • An, G.B. (Department of Manufacturing Science, Osaka University) ;
  • Ohata, M. (Department of Manufacturing Science, Osaka University) ;
  • Toyoda, M. (Department of Manufacturing Science, Osaka University)
  • Published : 2003.06.01


It is important to evaluate the fracture initiation behaviors of steel structure. It has been well known that the ductile cracking of steel would be accelerated by triaxial stress state. Recently, the characteristics of critical crack initiation of steels are quantitatively estimated using the two-parameters, that is, equivalent plastic strain and stress triaxiality, criterion. This study is paid to the fundamental clarification of the effect of notch radius, which can elevate plastic constraint due to heterogeneous plastic straining on critical condition to initiate ductile crack using two-parameters. Hense, the crack initiation testing were conducted under static loading using round bar specimens with circumferential notch. To evaluate the stress/strain state in the specimens was used thermal elastic-plastic FE-analysis. The result showed that equivalent plastic strain to initiate ductile crack expressed as a function of stress triaxiality obtained from the homogeneous specimens with circumferential notched under static loading. And it was evaluated that by using this two-parameters criterion, the critical crack initiation of homogeneous specimens under static loading.