A Study on Relationships between the Quality of Life and conditioned Variables in the Gastric Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy after Surgery

위암 수술후 화학요법 환자의 삶의 질과 영향요인

  • Published : 2002.08.30


Purpose : This study was conducted to determine the relationships between conditioned variables and the quality of life in the gastric cancer patients receiving chemotherapy after surgery. Method : 56 gastric cancer patients receiving chemotherapy included Cisplatin and 5-Fu were recruited from one university hospital located in Seoul. Questionnaires for this study were Quality of life Index developed by Padilla et al. at 1983, Rhode's nausea and vomiting scale and tool for side effects after chemotherapy at home developed by authors. Result : Quality of life in this study was correlated significantly with age, stage of cancer, nausea and vomiting, and level of side effects of chemotherapy. Quality of life of woman was lower than that of man. Conclusion : It is suggested that nurses be reinforce nurse's discharge education for the patients about increasing oral intake and preventing side effect after discharge from hospital and pay more attention to the change of the quality of life and relevant variables among the gastric cancer patients.