Effects of mixing/aeration ratio and SRT on nutrient removal in SBR process

연속회분식반응조 공정에서 교반/폭기비와 SRT가 영양염류제거에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2002.09.30


In this study, nutrients treatment by sequencing batch reactors(SBR) was performed. Nitrogen and phosphorus removal efficiencies were evaluated by changing SRT and mixing/aeration ratio. Not only nitrogen but also phosphorus removal patterns were investigated through track studies on 1 cycle. As SRT was fixed and mixing/aeration ratio was changed, maximum nitrogen removal efficiency was 87.6% at mixing/aeration ratio 0.67. Phosphorus removal efficiencies were more than 85.5% except no mixing condition. As mixing/aeration ratio was fixed and SRT was changed, nitrogen removal efficiencies were 70.5~79.8%, which represented slight changes, while phosphorus removal efficiencies were 49.0~97.3%, which represented sharply decreasing tendency at less than 20 day. Both phosphorus release rate k and maximum phosphorus release rate $P_{max}/M$ were are decreased as SRT was decreased, but they were not affected by mixing/aeration ratio. It was found that there is a linear relationship between ortho-phosphate uptake and maximum ortho-phosphate release.