The Usefulness of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Bone Lesions

골 병변에서 세침흡인 세포검사의 유용성

  • Kim, Bohng-Hee (Department of Pathology, Asan Medical Center, College of Medicine, University of Ulsan) ;
  • Gong, Gyung-Yub (Department of Pathology, Asan Medical Center, College of Medicine, University of Ulsan)
  • 김봉희 (울산의대 서울아산병원 병리과) ;
  • 공경엽 (울산의대 서울아산병원 병리과)
  • Published : 2002.12.30


To determine the usefulness on fine needle aspiration cytology(FNAC) of bone lesions and the complementary role of FNAC and percutaneous needle biopsy, 75 cases of FNAC taken from bone lesions were analyzed. Correlations with histopathology were possible in 47 cases, including 14 cases of simultaneous core biopsy and 33 cases of subsequent open biopsy due to inadequate aspirates. Among 75 cases, 4 cases were benign tumors and tumor-like lesion, 11 cases were malignant primary bone tumors, 17 cases were metastatic tumors, and 43 cases were nonneoplastic bone lesions. The aspirates were adequate in 35 cases(46.7%), in all of which the discrimination between benignancy and malignancy was possible. The main reason for Inadequate aspirates was due to hypocellularity. In the cases of aspiration and core biopsy simultaneously done, the diagnostic accuracy of aspiration, core biopsy, and both were 57%(8/14), 78.6%(11/14), and 92.9%(13/14), respectively. We conclude that a final diagnosis based on cytology is possible with the adequate aspirates and the clinical and radiological findings. Also we confirm the complementary role between FNAC and core biopsy in bone lesions.


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