Inhibitory Effects of Hwao-tang on the Atherosclerosis and the Venous Thrombosis

  • Hong Mun Yoob (Department of Diagnostics, College of Oriental Medicine. Dongguk University) ;
  • Choi Dall Yoong (Department of Pathology, College of Oriental Medicine. Dongguk University) ;
  • Kim Cherl Ho (Department of Biochemistry, College of Oriental Medicine. Dongguk University) ;
  • Kim Beob Jin (Department of Diagnostics, College of Oriental Medicine. Dongguk University) ;
  • Kim Han Geu (Department of Diagnostics, College of Oriental Medicine. Dongguk University) ;
  • Ahan Jong Chan (Department of Diagnostics, College of Oriental Medicine. Dongguk University) ;
  • Lee Soo Kyung (Department of Diagnostics, College of Oriental Medicine. Dongguk University) ;
  • Chung Tae Wook (Department of Diagnostics, College of Oriental Medicine. Dongguk University) ;
  • Park Won Hwan (Department of Diagnostics, College of Oriental Medicine. Dongguk University)
  • Published : 2002.04.01


The inhibitory effects of the traditional herbal medicine Hwao-tang on the progression of the atherosclerotic lesions were studied using the spontaneous familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) model, Kurosawa and Kusanagi-hypercholesterolemic (KHC) rabbits. Hwao-tang is activate blood circulation, vital energy and regulate menstruation, etc. Nowadays, Hwao-tang is mainly used for the treatment of inflammation, hyperlipemia and arteriosclerosis. However, pharmacological mechanisms of Hwao-tang on lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis formation are poorly understood. We have investigated the pharmacological effects of Hwao-tang on hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis using a spontaneous experimental model. In conclusion, the protection of extracts of HOT and its herbs on the ischemic infarction induced artificially might be related to their inhibitory effects on DIC, platelet coagulation and thrombic action. These suggest that Hwao-tang has inhibitory effects on the development of atheromatous plaque formation in spontaneous FH model rabbits. It is possible that the anti oxidative effects of Hwao-tang on LDL led to the beneficial effects observed in this study.


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