Effects of 3-Amino benzamide and Cytosine arabinoside on the Frequencies of Dicentric and Translocation in Human Lymphocyte Induced by Radiation

3-Amino benzamide 및 Cytosine arabinoside가 방사선 조사된 림프구의 이동원 염색체 및 상호전좌 유발빈도에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2002.09.01


In irradiated human lymphocytes, translocation of chromosome has been more frequently observed than dicentric chromosome. Differences in the misrepair process leading to translocation and dicentric chromosomes may explain the above observations. In order to find out whether dicentric and translocation are originated from different mechanism, the frequencies of radiation induced translocation and dicentric in lymphocytes were examined following treatment of irradiated lymphocytes with two DNA repair inhibitors, 3AB for inhibition of poly(ADP-ribose) synthesis and Ara C for inhibition of DNA-polymerase $\alpha$. Ara C potentiated the frequencies of radiation induced dicentric and translocation. 3AB also potentiated the frequencies of radiation induced dicentric, but not translocation. These results suggest the potential differences in the mechanisms in the formation of translocation and dicentric chromosomes.