A Study on the Safety Test Regulation for the Metallic Sound Barrier of the Absorption Type

금속재 흡음형 방음벽의 안전 시험 규정 분석 연구

  • Published : 2002.12.01


For the noise reduction measures in a construction field where noise sources such as blasting and pile driving works exist, the construction of the sound barrier near the noise source or receiver is often the most economic measure in order to exclude the propagated sound. The dimension of the barrier is decided by the noise and construction design, and the constructive quality of a soundproof panel shall be secured in accordance with KS F4770 to guarantee the safety of sound barriers. In this paper the problems included in the KS F4770-1 that is the regulation for the metallic sound barrier of the absorption type are identified and it is suggested what to be corrected or improved. Through a series of the analyses, conclusion were reached that it is required to improve test methods in KS F4770-1 as well as to break down loads for building more cost-effective sound barrier. In addition, KS F4770-1 was compared with ZTV-Lsw 88 which is the german regulation for sound barrier design. As a result, it was found that the Korean regulation is more conservative than that of Germany.