Aging of Length-Extensional Vibration Modes in PZT Ceramics

PZT 세라믹스에 있어서 길이진동모드의 경시변화

  • Published : 2002.10.01


Aging stabilities of the operating frequency of piezoelectric devices such as filter, oscillator and discriminator are very important. In this study it was studied aging stabilities of the length-extensional vibration mode of Pb(Zr$\^$y/O$_3$+ x[wt%]Cr$_2$Co$_3$ ceramics. PZT ceramics in morphotropic phase boundary have higher aging rates of k$\_$31/ and resonance frequency than those in tetragonal phase or rhombohedral phase. Thermal aging moves the composition with maximum aging rate to Zr-rich side in Cr$_2$O$_3$ not added PZT system. In the PZT system, aging rates of k$\_$31/ and resonance frequency for first 30 days are bigger than those for the following 90 days. Thermal aging decrease those for first 30 days. Aging rate of resonance frequency of the ceramics with x=0.1, y=0.53 and x=0.3, y=0.53 increased by thermal aging.


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