Parameter Design and Analysis for Aluminum Resistance Spot Welding

  • Cho, Yong-Joon (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Michigan) ;
  • Li, Wei (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington) ;
  • Hu, S. Jack (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Michigan)
  • Published : 2002.04.01


Resistance spot welding of aluminum alloys is based upon Joule heating of the components by passing a large current in a short duration. Since aluminum alloys have the potential to replace steels fur automobile body assemblies, it is important to study the process robustness of aluminum spot welding process. In order to evaluate the effects of process parameters on the weld quality, major process variables and abnormal process conditions were selected and analyzed. A newly developed two-stage, sliding-level experiment was adopted fur effective parameter design and analysis. Suitable ranges of welding current and button diameters were obtained through the experiment. The effects of the factors and their levels on the variation of acceptable welding current were considered in terms of main effects. From the results, it is concluded that any abnormal process condition decreases the suitable current range in the weld lobe curve. Pareto analysis of variance was also introduced to estimate the significant factors on the signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio. Among the six factors studied, fit-up condition is found to be the most significant factor influencing the SM ratio. Using a Pareto diagram, the optimal condition is determined and the SM ratio is significantly improved using the optimal condition.


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