A Low-noise Double Relaxation Oscillation SQUID Magnetometer for Measuring Magnetoencephalogram

  • Published : 2002.01.01


We developed a useful SQUID magnetometer for biomagnetic applications, magnetoencepha-logram(MEG) and magnetocardiogram(MCG), etc. The SQUIDs are based on Double Relaxation Oscillation SQUID(DROS). DROS consists of two SQUIDs(signal SQUID and reference SQUID) in series, and a relaxation circuit of an inductor and a resistor. Specially we used single reference junction instead of the reference SQUID. The SQUIDs are based on hysteretic $Nb/AlO_{x}$Nb junctions, fabricated by using a simple four level process. Because DROS magnetometer has large flux-to-voltage transfer coefficient, we can use simple flux-locked loop electronics fur SQUID operation. When the DROS magnetometer was operated inside a magnetically shielded room, its average magnetic field noise was about 3 (equation omitted) at 100 Hz. This noise level is low enough to measure biomagnetic fields. In this paper, we describe noise characteristics of DROS magnetometer, depending on the operation condition . .