Analysis of Insulation Aging Mechanism in Generator Stator Windings

발전기 고정자 권선의 절연열화 메카니즘 분석

  • 김희동 (한전 전력연구원 발전연구실)
  • Published : 2002.02.01


The mica/epoxy composite used in generator(rated 22 kV and 500 MW) stator windings was aged at 180$\^{C}$ for up to 1000 hours in air and hydrogen. The degradation mechanism was investigated through the defect of evolution and microstructural analysis by performing SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope). As the thermal aging time increases, the number of voids per unit volume increases at the mica/epoxy interface of generator stator windings. The aged specimens in hydrogen showed retarded generation and growth of voids. Accelerated aging tests were conducted using the combination of thermal and electrical aging in air and hydrogen. The aging was carried out at a combined stress such as thermal aging at 110$\^{C}$, electrical aging at 5.5 kV/mm and frequencies 420 Hz in air, and electrical aging at 5.5 kV/mm and frequencies 420 Hz in hydrogen (pressure 4 kg/㎠). Thermal and electrical aging generates large voids at the mica/epoxy interface in air. Electrical aging in hydrogen also generates small voids, delaminations and cracks in mica tapes.


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