Time-lapse 3-dimensional Seismic Study to Evaluate the Effect of Ground Reenforcement

지반보강 효과 평가를 위한 시차 3차원 탄성파 탐사

  • Lee, Doo-Sung (Information System Engineering, Hansung University)
  • 이두성 (한성대학교 정보공학부)
  • Published : 2002.08.01


Three-dimensional seismic data, recorded with an interval of one year, indicate a velocity changes in the medium at the near surface. During that period of a year, the ground reinforcement work has been conducted at the railroad base in the study area. The time-thickness to the first reflector of the two data were picked and compared. The result showed that the velocity of the medium decreased at large part of the study area; however, no velocity decrease at the railroad base.


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