A Study on the Possibility of Digital Design in Architectural Design

건축디자인에서 디지털디자인의 적용가능성에 관한 연구

  • 장영희 (문경대학 건축디자인계열)
  • Published : 2002.11.23


Purpose of this study is studying direction that change of design by development of new digital technology. And with new technology, find direction of architectural design. Digital technology for architectural design demonstrates hightechnology or is not limit. Must recognize change for our idea and necessity. We can know change in relation of photography and impressionism. Idea and hitting on a thought which is arts by new technology changed. Finally, we must develop techniques of design on the basis of technology and look for possibility of new expression. Digital medium expands communication with designer and customer because there is special quality of nonlinearity, interactivity and audiovisuality unlike old medium. Digital medium can take advantage of techniques of new design. Can construct R&D and database of design and improve quality of design. Designer must master use skill to take advantage of digital technology in design. Because quality of design becomes different according to degree that use. Also, developer of digital technology must supply design tool such as previous design method. Creativity that architectural design that allow fetters in digital technology can understand design in new viewpoint is required. Architectural design may be magnified by architectural design that allow fetters in multimedia. We may see experience between new time and space of architectural design and reappearance space reappeared in cyberspace. Architect is going to run role as developer of culture. Value and technology of digital design may offer more more possibility and an opportunity since Intustrial-Revolution.