The Relations Between Antihypertensive Effect and ${\gamma}-Aminobutyric$ acid, Mycelial Weight and Pigment of Monascus

홍국의 혈압강하효과와 ${\gamma}-aminobutyric$ acid, 균체량 및 색도의 영향

  • Published : 2002.08.01


To determine the relations between antihypertensive effect and ${\gamma}-aminobutyric$ acid, mycelial weight and pigment of Monascus, ethanol koji extracts were prepared from Monascus koji and each of three grade was classified based on ${\gamma}-aminobutyric$ acid content, glucosamine content and hue angle value, respectively. Each extract was orally administrated on male spontaneously hypertensive rats and its antihypertensive effect was compared. Most of koji extracts showed antihypertensive activity regardless of their ${\gamma}-aminobutyric$ acid content, glucosamine content or hue angle value. Therefore, hypotensive activity of koji extract was not dependent on above three components.

홍국의 혈압강화효능과의 관련성이 시사된 GABA 및 균체량 그리고 홍국이 나타내는 가장 큰 특성 중의 하나인 색도가 서로 다른 각 홍국추출물을 SHR에 경구투여하고 투여 1시간 후부터의 7시간 후까지 혈압강하효과에 미치는 영향을 측정하였다. 모든 홍국 투여군에서 혈압강하효과가 나타났으며 이 효과는 GABA나 균체량 또는 색도와 상관관계를 나타내지 않았다.


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