Predictions of $^{90}Sr$ and $^{137}Cs$ Concentrations in Rice Seeds and Chinese Cabbage after a Nuclear Accident

원자력 사고후 쌀알과 배추내 $^{90}Sr$$^{137}Cs$ 농도 예측

  • Published : 2002.09.30


A method of more realistically, predicting radionuclide concentrations in crop plants varying with time after a nuclear accident was established to estimate 50 years' concentrations of $^{90}Sr$ and $^{137}Cs$ in polished rice seeds and Chinese cabbage for unit dry deposition. After non-growing season accidents, concentrations of both nuclides decreased gradually with time and $^{90}Sr$ concentrations were higher than those of $^{137}Cs$ throughout the whole period. Radionuclide concentrations in the 1 st year after growing season accidents were on the whole higher than those after non-growing season accidents by factors of up to 30 for $^{90}Sr$ and up to 1,000 for $^{137}Cs$. In polished rice seeds, the 50 years-integrated concentration was higher for $^{90}Sr$ than for $^{137}Cs$ after non-growing season accidents, whereas the opposite was true after growing season accidents. In Chinese cabbage. however, it was higher for $^{90}Sr$ than for $^{137}Cs$ after both types of the accident. Generally speaking, the dominant pathway for the integrated concentration after the growing season accident was root uptake for $^{90}Sr$ and direct plant contamination for $^{137}Cs$. The effect of resuspension was negligible. Based on the predicted results. the direct]on of planning countermeasures was suggested for various accident conditions.

원자력 사고후 시간경과에 따른 작물체내 핵종 농도를 보다 현실적으로 예측할 수 있는 방법을 수립하고 단위 건침적에 대하여 백미와 배추내 $^{90}Sr$$^{137}Cs$의 50 년간 농도를 예측하였다. 비생육기 사고의 경우 농도는 두 핵종 모두 시간경과에 따라 서서히 감소하였고 50 년 내내 $^{90}Sr$$^{137}Cs$보다 높았다. 생육기 사고의 경우 처음 1년간 농도는 비생육기 사고에 비해 대체로 $^{90}Sr$은 최고 30 배, $^{137}Cs$은 최고 1,000 배 정도까지 높았다. 50 년간의 누적농도는 백미에서는 비생육기 사고의 경우 $^{90}Sr$이, 생육기 사고의 경우 $^{137}Cs$이 더 높았으나 배추에서는 어느 경우에나 $^{90}Sr$이 더 높았다. 생육기 사고시 50 년간의 누적농도에 대한 지배적 경로는 대체로 $^{90}Sr$의 경우 뿌리흡수, $^{137}Cs$의 경우 작물체 직접오염이었다. 재부유의 영향은 무시할 수 있을 정도였다. 예측결과에 입각하여 사고 조건별로 대책의 방향을 제시하였다.


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