The Comparison of Sexual Behaviors in Breast Cancer Survivors with Women without Breast Cancer

유방암 생존자와 정상 여성의 성적 행동 비교

  • Published : 2001.12.30


The purpose of this study is to compare the sexual behaviors of breast cancer survivors (BCS) with women without breast cancer (WWBC) and provide basic data to develop education program for patients before surgery. The study sample included 215 subjects: 140 women without breast cancer and 75 women diagnosed at least six months previously with breast cancer. Data were collected using the Wilmoth's Sexual behaviors Questionnaire-F that consisted of 50 items measuring sexually: communication, sexual techniques, sexual responses, body scare, self-touch, relationship quality, and masturbation. All items were scored on a 6-Likert scale with high scores reflecting high levels of the specific sexual behaviors. The reliability of this instrument was .91(Cronbach‘s alpha). Data were collected during the period from September 1 to September 30, 2001. The collected data were analyzed using t-test, Chi-square, ANCOVA with SPSSwin program. The scores of a sample of WWBC were compared to those of BCS and the scores of BCS were compared by type of surgery and period since surgery. The results were as follows: 1. No differences in sexual behaviors were found between BCS and WWBC, but, differences were found in communication, sexual technique, and relationship quality depending on the period since surgery. 2. Mean Score of BCS' communication in sexual behaviors was significantly lower than that of the WWBC. 3. Sexual behaviors scores of BCS with Menopause, lumpectomy, long duration since surgery showed significantly higher than that of the others. In conclusions, BCS returned to the normal sexual behaviors according to period since surgery. The program of the sexual counseling for patients before surgery should consider this result in the future.