Mechanical Characteristics and Fatigue Crack Propagation of Super Duplex Stainless Steel by Distribution of Austenite

오스테나이트 분포에 따른 수퍼 2상 스테인리스강의 기계적 특성과 피로균열 진전거동

  • Published : 2001.07.31


The characteristics of super duplex stainless steel were investigated on its fibrous structure and dispersed structure. These structures consist of various volume fractions and distributions of the austenite phase that were obtained by changing the heat treatment temperature and cycle. The fibrous structure had higher austenite volume fraction than dispersed structure on the same temperature. As the austenite volume fraction increased in both structures, tensile strength and elongation increased, but hardness decreased. Fatigue life of fibrous structure parallel to rolling direction was shorter than that of perpendicular to rolling direction. Fatigue life of dispersed structure was longer than parallel fibrous structure, and shorter than perpendicular fibrous structure. Fatigue crack propagation rate of fibrous structure was faster than that of dispersed structure.