Influence of Sea Condition on Catch Fluctuation of Long Line for Common Octopus, Octopus Variddilis, in the Coastal Waters of Yosu (2)

여수연안 낙지주낙 어장의 해황과 어획 변동에 관한 연구 (2)

  • Published : 2001.08.01


In order to investigate the influence of sea condition on the catch fluctuation of long line for common octopus, octopus variabilis, the oceanographic factors. I. e., the wind direction, the wind speed, the age of moon and ebb tide and flood tide in the coastal waters of Yosu from Jan. 11 to Jul. 25 in 1997, and compared with the catches of common octopus, octopus variabilis by long line. The results obtained summerized as follows: 1) The catch of common octopus was highest in wind direction from SE and lowest in that from NW. The catch was highest at the wind speed of 2m/sec and decreased with increasing speed, over 2m/sec. 2) The catch of common octopus was highest at the day of neap tide and lowest at the mid day, from neap tide to spring tide. More strictly the catch was higher during days at which the current became rapid than during days at which the current became slow. The catch was higher always at flood tide than at ebb tide in all the days investigated and highest with in one hour from ebb tide.



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