A Study on the Dyeing Properties of Silk and Cotton Fabrics with Chestnut Bur Extract(2)

밤송이 추출액을 이용한 견과 면직물 염색 (2)

  • Published : 2001.04.01


This paper investigated the dyeability and surface color of silk and cotton fabrics deed with chustnut bur extract. Some experiments were performed under the various dyeing conditions such as dyeing temperature, dyeing time, repetition of dyeing, dyeing pH, mordanting condition, washing fastness and light fastness with silk and cotton fabrics. The results obtained were as follows 1. $\Delta{E}$ value was increased when dyeing temperature and time was higher, value of munsell was shifted from Yellow to Yellow-Red at hither dyeing temperature and time In silk and cotton fabrics. 2. Optimal dyeing pH was increased with acidity of dyeing solution in silk and cotton fabrics, and repetition of dyeing did not change the dye-uptake. 3. When mordanting time and temperature was higher, $\Delta{E}$ value was larger in silk and cotton fabrics. Silk and cotton fabrics with Fe-premordanting treatment had best dyeability, but treatment with Sn-mordanting was worst. 4. Washing fastness and light fastness was excellent in various dyeing condition at silk fabric but cotton was without practical use.