A Preliminary Study on Diagnostic Process for Premarital Preparation by Using a Delphi Method : With Purpose of Developing Tools

델파이조사를 이용한 결혼준비진단에 관한 기초연구

  • 김혜선 (한국방송통신대학교 가정학과) ;
  • 박희성 (한국방송통신대학교 가정학과 조교)
  • Published : 2001.07.01


The purpose of this study is to make a preliminary investigation about the diagnostic process for marital preparation against future divorce which will be necessary for developing tools for the process. Delphi tests have been twice held among 23 professionals regarding the concept of marital diagnosis and the areas of marital preparation to be estimated including definitions of the marital preparation for marriage and the status in which marriage has been prepared, and the categorization of the preparation The result of the study is as follows : Firstly, the concept of marital preparation is comprehensive, for it does include various kinds of preparation necessary for adjustment to marital life except the preparation for wedding ceremony. Secondly, the status in which marriage has been prepared can be divided into individual preparation, a couple's relational preparation, and preparation for marital life. Thirdly, premarital preparation education or counselling will be provided for young persons who are not in status of marital preparation. The areas of marital preparation to be estimated are maturity, independence from parents, and good health in terms of individual preparation, and the depth of love, understanding each other, similarity, harmonization, supplementation, capacity of communication, self-control, and all that sort of thing in terms of relational preparation, sex, views about marriage, information about marital life, role division, giving birth to child and rearing, financial management, and understanding both families of husband and wife.