Radiation Protective Effect of vitamin C and Cysteine on DNA Damage in Mice Splenic Lymphocytes by Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis Assay

단세포 겔 전기영동법을 이용한 생쥐 비장 림프구 DNA 손상에 대한 비타민 C 및 시스테인의 방사선 방어효과

  • Published : 2001.12.01


The alkaline comet assay, employing a single-cell gel electrophoresis(SCGE), is a rapid, simple and sensitive technique for visualizing and measuring DNA damage leading to strand breakage in individual mammalian cells. The protecting effect of pretreatment with vitamin C and cysteine on the DNA damage of gamma ray was investigated in mice splenic lymphocytes. Vitamin C and cysteine were administered orally for five consecutive days before irradiation. Four week old ICR male mice were irradiated wish 3.5Gy of γ-radiation and were sacrificed 3 days later. Spleens were taken for DNA damage examination by Comet assay and the tail moments of DNA single -strand breaks in tole splenic lymphocytes were evaluated. The results show that pretreatment with vitamin C and cysteine were effective in protecting against DNA damage by gamma ray. Administration of antioxidants like vitamin C and cysteine to mice before irradiation was effective in reducing the tail moment of splenic lymphocytes DNA.