The Study of Self-image and Shopping Orientation by Female's

성인여성의 자기이미지와 상표이미지 및 쇼핑성향에 관한 연구

  • 류현주 (신라대학교 패션디자인 산업학과) ;
  • 홍금희 (신라대학교 패션디자인 산업학과)
  • Published : 2001.10.01


Cousumers developed self-image through clothing symbolic product for reveal one’self image. When consumers select particular brand of various brand in the market that congruent with one’self image. They have to continue image. In this purpose, the research model was constituted and the questionnaire was made, reviewing preceding studies on self-image, shopping orientation. As for the method of the research, 635 female consumers were the object for the data of this research. The major results of this were as follows: 1. The factor or real self-image was composed of four factors: the refined and deluxe image, casual and simple image, decorous and dressy image, quiet and feminine image. 2. The consumer with real self-image were classified three groups: the group of feminine and dressy image 288 persons, the group of casual image 167 persons and poor image 171 persons. In the consumer’s classified real purchasing brand-image the group of feminine and dressy image was given higher score at feminine and refined and deluxe image, the group of casual image was given higher score at casual and active. 3. The factor of shopping orientation was composed of four factors: pleasant, planned, loyal, recreational shopping orientation. The group of feminine and dressy image was given higher score at pleasant and planned shopping orientation, the group of casual image was given lower score loyal and confident shopping orientation than the other group.



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  2. 신라대학교 대학원 석사학위 논문 남성집단의 의복추구혜택에 따른 정보원과 쇼핑성향에 관한 연구 김지현
  3. 서울대학교 대학권 석사학위 논문 의복 소비자의 자기이미지 특성에 따른 제품속성 중요도와 추구혜택 김혜라
  4. 서울대학교 대학원 석사학위 논문 상황적 자기이미지에 위한 의류시장 세분화 오정선
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