Intra-uterine Insemination with Frozen Canine Semen Using Vaginal Endoscope

개에서 동결정액의 경관내 주입을 통한 인공수정

  • Published : 2001.03.01


Semen were collected from 9 male dogs and frozen by liquid nitrogengas. Frozen semen were thawed at 7$0^{\circ}C$ for 8 seconds. About $2{\timss}10^8$ sperm per insemination were inseminated to 10 bitches (3 Retrievers, 4 Chihuahuas, 1 Yorkshire Terriers, 1 Maltese, and 1 Poodle) at three and six days after the estimated peak of luteinizing hormone. For small breed dogs, uretero-renoscope (Kahl Storz, Germany, 12.5 Fr) was used for trans-cervical insemination, whereas cystoscope(Kahl Storz, Germany, 22Fr) was used for large breeds (Retrievers). Pregnancy was diagnosed by ultrasonography at 30 days after insemination. All of 3 Retrievers (100.0%) and 3 bitches of 7 small breed dogs (42.9%) were conceived (60.0% in total). This result indicated that trans-cervical insemination using endoscope is an effective method for AI with frozen semen not only for large breed dogs such as Retriever but also for small breeds.


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