Fabrication of Metal Thin-Film Pressure Sensor and Its Characteristics

금속박막형 압력세서의 제작과 그 특성

  • Published : 2001.05.01


This paper describes fabrication and characteristics of metal thin-film pressure sensor for working at high temperature. The proposed pressure consists of a chrom thin-film, patterned on a Wheat stone bridge configuration, sputter-deposited onto thermally oxidized Si membranes with an aluminium interconnection layer. The fabricated pressure sensor presents a low temperature coefficient of resistance, high-sensitivity, low non-linearity and excellent temperature stability. The sensitivity is 1.097∼1.21mV/V$.$kgf/$\textrm{cm}^2$ in the temperature range of 25∼200$^{\circ}C$ and the maximum non-linearity is 0.43%FS.


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