The Effect of Environmental Campaign on the Recognition of Environmental Problem and the Execution of Environmental Protection in Foodservice

단체급식소에서의 환경운동이 환경문제 인식도와 환경보호 실천도에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2000.08.01


Environmental pollution induced by food wastes is considered as one of very serious problems in the world, and it is the most important to reduce the production of food wastes. In this study, environmental campaign for reducing food waste was conducted by applying various campaign methods using such as a bulletin board, intra-network, slogans & posters and news letters, as well as some systems such as penalty and prize in a business & industry foodservice. We investigated customers' recognition and execution degree before and after environmental campaign for the purpose of analyzing the changes of customers' attitude by the campaign. The subjects of this study had generally high level of recognition of environmental problem(3.09 point) compared to the execution degree(1.88 point)(Max. 5 points), implying necessity for the induction of actual execution of food wastes reduction by continuous environmental campaign. After environmental campaign, the recognition of environmental problem related to food wastes was significantly increased from 3.09 point to 3.29 point (p<0.001), and the execution degree for food wastes reduction was also greatly increased from 1.88 to 2.70 point (p<0.001). These changes indicated that campaign for food wastes reduction has raised customers' recognition and execution for environmental protection.