Characteristics of Suspended Solids Movement in the Sand Recalmation of Breakwater

방파제 모래치환공사시 부유토사의 거동 특성

  • Published : 2000.06.30


This research was performed for analyzing the transport of suspended solids during the harbor construction. In behalf of the research, we have analyzes the characteristics of suspended solids movement in sand reclamation of breakwater according to age of tide and tidal period at the construction spot of Pusan new harbor. In the process of sand reclamation, soil was dumped by a dumping device which direct soil from the barge to the bottom of the sea. According to the results from this research, suspended solid concentration was very high in the range of 5m from the dumping point right after the dumping. However these suspended solids settled very quickly and the solids concentration was very beyond 10m from the dumping point. It is deduced that the movement of solids dumped from barge has the tendencies as following; 1) Most of the dumped solids precipitated quickly after the dumping 2) The rest of the suspended solids are diffused slowly toward the bottom of the water being figured smoothing curve 3) The diffusion movement of suspended solids tend to proceed toward the shore line in a parallel motion with tidal current at the sea-bottom That is to say, most of the suspended solids precipitated very quickly even though highly concentrated solids produced at the bottom of the solids which did not precipitated spread with the tidal current horizontally along the bottom of the sea.


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