Effects of Alloying Elements on the High Pressure Wear Characteristics of Ductile Cast Iron I-Cu, Mn

구상흑연주철의 고압하 마멸특성에 미치는 합금원소의 영향 I-Cu, Mn

  • Bang, Woong-Ho (Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University) ;
  • Kang, Choon-Sik (Division of Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University) ;
  • Park, Jae-Hyun (Research Institute of Industrial Science & Engineering) ;
  • Kweon, Young-Gak (Research Institute of Industrial Science & Engineering)
  • Published : 2000.08.20


High pressure wear characteristics of DCI(Ductile Cast Iron) were investigated through unlubricated pin-on-disc wear test. Wear test were carried out at speed of 23m/min, under pressure of 3MPa and 3.3 MPa. Cu and/or Mn were added to examine the effect of alloying elements on the high pressure wear characteristics of DCI. To investigate the relationship between wear characteristics and mechanical properties of DCI, Brinell hardness and V-notched Charpy impact energy were tested. Wear surface of each specimen was observed by SEM to determine the wear mechanism of DCI under high pressure wear condition. In the mild wear region, wear characteristics of alloyed DCI specimens were very similar to that of unalloyed DCI. But mild-severe wear transition was occurred at different wear distance and wear rate of DCI specimens were changed by alloying elements. In severe wear condition, wear rate of DCI was dramatically increased by the addition of Mn. Although the addition of Cu 0.46wt% did not decrease the wear rate of DCI in the severe wear region, but it delayed the mild-severe wear transition. Under high pressure wear condition, wear rate and mild-severe wear transition were not concerned with hardness of DCI specimens, but they were deeply associated with impact energy changed by alloying elements.