A Study on the Better Housing Plan Competition by the Architectural Association of Chosun in 1992

1992년 조선건축회에 의한 개선주책설계도안 현상모집에 관한 고찰

  • 서귀숙 (숭실대학교 건축학부 실내건축전공 전임강사. Ph.D)
  • Published : 2000.08.01


The main object of this research was to study the better housing business by the Architectural Association of Chosun. The Architectural Association of Chosun was founded in 1992 and it influenced great deal on the development of Korean architecture. The Architectural Association of Chosun took the first step in business by holding the Better Housing Plan Competition which was the first housing plan competition in Korea, Also, it meant the enlightenment of better cultural housing. Overall, it can be summarized as follows; 1) It could be considered that the Architectural Association of Chosun was connected with the Japanese Colonial Policy of that time. 2) The Better Housing Plan Competition indicated the way of improving better living condition. 3) Most of the prize-wining works emphasized economical and practical way of housing. 4) The wanted to get out of the old conventional way of hosing. 5) All the plans showed \" the living\" and it meant that \" the living: is the centre of family life which connected the modern housing plan. 6) Western way of life was combined with the conventional style, in other words, modernization of life was derived from the western style. 7) Better housing plan which is more suitable for the Korean weather and environment was not considered. 8) Colonial domination of Japanese style could also be found in housing. Most of the plans used Japanese style as the basic housing style. housing style.



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