Behavior of Steel Box Girder Bridge According to the Placing Sequences of Concrete Slab (II)

강합성 상자형 교량의 바닥판 타설에 따른 거동 연구(II) - 해석적 연구 및 균열제어 -

  • 곽효경 (한국과학기술원 토목공학과) ;
  • 서영재 (한국과학기술원 토목공학과) ;
  • 정찬묵 (우송산업대학교 토목공학과) ;
  • 박영하 (한국도로공사 도로연구소 콘크리트 구조연구실)
  • Received : 1991.11.18
  • Published : 2000.04.27


This study deals with behavior of steel box girder bridges according to the concrete slab casting sequences and sectional types. The time dependent behavior of bridges caused by the differential setting of slab concrete resulting from time gap for each part of slab deck in a sequential placing method produces is analyzed. In correlation studies between girder section types and placing sequences, time dependent effects of concrete creep and shrinkage are implemented in the analytical model proposed in the previous study. Finally, field recommendations in terms of concrete slump and relative humidity are suggested to prevent early transverse cracking of concrete slabs.


Grant : 합성형 교량의 설계, 시공 및 유지관리 기술개발 연구

Supported by : 한국도로공사


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