A Study on realities and the points at issue of the Pilot Aptitude Test

조종사 적성검사의 실태와 문제점에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1999.12.17


Through the use of well-designed measures of ability and aptitude, good selection can reduce training wastage, reduce the risk of accidents and increase the operational effectiveness of the successful trainees. Many countries in the world, they take various kind of aptitude test. Especially in Sweden, not like the other countries, they attach importance to interview test. As a result, they can reduce training wastage and accidents. In case of ROKAF, they take many kind of aptitude test, but it is not directly effective to the selection system. They take the several aptitude test in civil aviation in Korea, especially they attach importance to personality test. For the validity and accuracy of the aptitude test, until training pilot become professional pilot, we need a comparison analysis for initial aptitude test through the continuous observation. For theses process, we need a department with special person and development of testing system.