An Analysis of the Effect of the Investment Factors Toward the Information Technology Using IS Theory

IS 이론을 이용한 정보기술 투자요인의 영향력 분석

  • 손달호 (계명대학교 경영정보학과)
  • Published : 1999.03.31


Studies of information technology assimilation have been limited primarily to information technology implementation issues that arise after purchasing and/or developing information technology and applications. Thus there is a need to step back and investigate what motives a manager to implement a information technology for his organization use. The purpose of this paper is to examine decision maker's attitudes and internal beliefs, especially the construct of alienation. This study findings indicate that decision-maker computer knowledge, computer experience, and education level are closely associated with alienated beliefs and attitudes toward information technology. Assuming technologies can provide advantages, these findings point to the need for change agents to minimize alienating beliefs and attitudes.