A Real-Time Implementation of Speech Recognition System Using Oak DSP core in the Car Noise Environment

자동차 환경에서 Oak DSP 코어 기반 음성 인식 시스템 실시간 구현

  • 우경호 (연세대학교 전기.컴퓨터공학과 음향 음성 및 신호처리 연구실) ;
  • 양태영 (연세대학교 전기.컴퓨터공학과 음향 음성 및 신호처리 연구실) ;
  • 이충용 (연세대학교 전기.컴퓨터공학과 음향 음성 및 신호처리 연구실) ;
  • 윤대희 (연세대학교 전기.컴퓨터공학과 음향 음성 및 신호처리 연구실) ;
  • 차일환 (연세대학교 전기.컴퓨터공학과 음향 음성 및 신호처리 연구실)
  • Published : 1999.11.01


This paper presents a real-time implementation of a speaker independent speech recognition system based on a discrete hidden markov model(DHMM). This system is developed for a car navigation system to design on-chip VLSI system of speech recognition which is used by fixed point Oak DSP core of DSP GROUP LTD. We analyze recognition procedure with C language to implement fixed point real-time algorithms. Based on the analyses, we improve the algorithms which are possible to operate in real-time, and can verify the recognition result at the same time as speech ends, by processing all recognition routines within a frame. A car noise is the colored noise concentrated heavily on the low frequency segment under 400 Hz. For the noise robust processing, the high pass filtering and the liftering on the distance measure of feature vectors are applied to the recognition system. Recognition experiments on the twelve isolated command words were performed. The recognition rates of the baseline recognizer were 98.68% in a stopping situation and 80.7% in a running situation. Using the noise processing methods, the recognition rates were enhanced to 89.04% in a running situation.