Numerical Study on Convective Heat Transfer in a Compartment Fire(II) - Mixed Convection -

실내화재에 있어서의 대류열전달에 관한 수치연구(II) -혼합대류-

  • 박외철 (부경대학교 공과대학 산업시스템안전공학부) ;
  • 고경찬 (부경대학교 산업대학원) ;
  • 이광진 (창원기능대학 전산응용학과)
  • Published : 1999.09.01


In a compartment fire with openings, convective heat transfer consists of natural convection from the hot bodies and forced convection by airflow through the openings. The same finite volume method that was applied to pure natural convection in part I was utilized without modification to the square cavity with two openings. The objective of this study is to investigate effects of the openings on temperature distribution. Flow patterns, temperature distribution and heat transfer were compared for different Rayleigh numbers and with and without the openings.