Development of Semi-active Damper by Magneto-Rheological Fluid

자기 유변 유체를 이용한 반능동 감쇠기의 개발

  • Published : 1999.06.01


Dampers have been used to dissipate energy in mechanical systems. There are several types of dampers such as passive, active, and semi-active damper. Semi-active dampers have higher performance than passive ones and require less power to operate than active ones. Their damping characteristics can be changed properly for varying conditions. In this paper, we investigated the semi-active damper using Magneto-Rheological fluid. Magneto-Rheological fluid, which is one of controllable fluids, changes its damping and rheological characteristics from Newtonian fluid to Bingham fluid as the magnetic field is applied. It has several advantages such as high yield strength, low viscosity, robustness to impurities and wide temperature range of stability. If we designe a semi-active damper by using this material, we can not only design a simply structured damper but also expect rapid response. In this study, we propose several types of semi-active dampers which are designed and manufactured using Magneto-Rheological fluid and some problems encountered during their applications.


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