A Study of Critical Success Factors in System Development Team Operation

시스템 개발프로젝트에 있어서 팀제도 운영의 성공요인분석

  • 이재정 (부경대학교 경영학부) ;
  • 박문규 (부산여자대학 인터넷영상과)
  • Published : 1999.12.01


The overall objective of this study is to empirically investigate organizational/managerial factors affecting system development team operation. The contributions of this research project are two-fold. First, this study examined various organizational/managerial factors that made team operation successful. Second, we presented the key success factors among the identified success factors of team operation. A field investigation of 68 system development teams located around YoungNam area indicates that motivation, leadership and egalitarian team culture are success factors of team operation. Especially, key success factors are leadership and egalitarian team culture.