A Study on the Parameter Design of Multiple Characteristics Considering Characteristical Importance

특성치 중요도를 고려한 다중특성치 파라미터 설계에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1999.12.01


Taguchi´s parameter design is to determine the optimal settings of design parameters of a product or a process such that the characteristics of a product exhibit small variabilities around their targer values. His analysis of the problem has focused only on a single characteristic or response. However the quality of most products is seldom defined by a characteristic, and is rather the composite of a great number of characteristics which are often interrelated and nearly always measured in a variety of units. The critical problem in dealing with multiple characteristics is how to compromise the conflict among the selected levels of the design parameters for each individual characteristic. In this paper, Methodology using SN ratio optimized by unvariate technique is proposed and a parameter design procedure to achieve the optimal compromise among several different response variables is developed. One existing case study is solved by the proposed method and the results are compared with ones by the sum of SN ratios, the expected weighted loss, the desirability functions, and EXTOPSIS model.