Microencapsulation of Anchovy Oil by Sodium Alginate

알긴산소다를 이용한 멸치어유의 미세캡슐화

  • Published : 1999.08.01


Microencapsulation of anchovy oil as a core material in sodium alginate as a wall material was inves tigated. Microencapsulation was accomplished by injecting an oil/water emulsion, consisting of a mixture of liquefied sodium alginate and emulsifier, under high pressure through an orifice submerged in a calcium lactate solution. Microcapsules suspended in a dispersion fluid were observed under a fluorescence mi croscope to verify the presence of the capsules and to note coalescence or degradation of the capsules. Optimum conditions for microencapsulation of anchovy oil were obtained when 1.0% aqueous solution of sodium alginate contained 3% of a 1:1 ratio of ESPR 25(polyglycerine+polylinoleate) and TW 20(sorbitan laurate+ethylene oxide) as an emulsifier in terms of capsule size and size distribution, and emulsion stability. The airless sprayer produced microcapsules with a diameter between 15.9 and 73.9 m with different concentration of a wall material. The optimum mixing ratio of wall material to core material was 90:10(wt/wt). 0.2% calcium lactate was appropriate as a dispersion fluid.


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