Effect of Polyurethane on Fracture Toughness in CTBN/PU/Epoxy

CTBN/PU/Epoxy의 파괴인성에서 폴리우레탄의 영향

  • Kim, Jong Seok (School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Chonbuk National University) ;
  • Hong, Suk Pyo (School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Chonbuk National University)
  • 김종석 (전북대학교 화학공학부) ;
  • 홍석표 (전북대학교 화학공학부)
  • Received : 1997.08.19
  • Accepted : 1998.02.23
  • Published : 1998.04.10


Epoxy adduct carboxyl terminated butadiene acrylonitrile(CTBN) was prepared by blending of CTBN and epoxy resin. CTBN/PU/epoxy was prepared from polyurethane(PU), epoxy resin, and CTBN. The CTBN/PU/epoxy using 5 wt% of CTBN content showed shifting damping peak as PU content increased. It suggested that CTBN/PU/epoxy had good compatibility for all composition at 5 wt% of CTBN content. But miscibility of CTBN/PU/epoxy decreased with the increase of the CTBN content. PU content for maximum flexural properties of CTBN/PU/epoxy was 10 wt%, but decreased with the increase of the PU content. The fracture toughness of CTBN/epoxy was improved by addition of the PU. Fracture surfaces of CTBN/PU/epoxy showed the shear deformation and generation of stress whitening which is associated with the cavitation. Cavitation in the CTBN and shear defomation in the PU modified epoxy matrix are the toughening mechanisms for CTBN/PU/epoxy.



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