The Differences of Temperatures, Growth and Crown Gall Occurrence in Young 'Kyoho' Grapevines According to Heat Conservation Materials during Winter

보온피복재 종류가 '거봉' 포도 유목의 월동시 온도 차이, 발아 및 근두암종병 발생에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1998.12.31


This experiment was carried out to find out the effects of heat conservation materials (burying in soil, lagging, lagging +straw, nonwoven fabric, nonwoven fabric+straw) on freezing damage, labor saving, and crown gall occurrence of 'Kyoho' grapes. Temperature differences in burying in soil and lagging with $2.8^{\circ}C$ and $6.4^{\circ}C$, respectively and were considered favorable for over-wintering of grapevines. Heat conservation index in lagging +straw and burying in soil calculated from degree-hours below $-10^{\circ}C$ was 5 to 7 times higher than that of open field. Budbreak started earlier in lagging with+straw and nonwoven fabric+straw covering, and percent budbreak was increased by 22% and 7%, respectively, as well as higher than burying in soil. Diameter of bearing mother branch and length of internode and daughter branch were gross or long with soil and lagging straw and nonwoven fabric+straw. Cane growth was enhanced by burying in soil and lagging with+straw treatment. Crown gall occured higher in soil covered grape vines Labor saving was obtained in lagging with as much as 44% compared to burying in soil.

보온 피복재 종류가 거봉 포도 유목의 월동시 동해방지, 노동력 절감 및 근두암종병 발생 억제에 미치는 영향을 구명하기 위하여 11월 하순에 흙속매몰, 보온덮개, 보온덮개+짚, 부직포, 부직포+짚 등의 보온 피복재를 달리하여 시험한 결과, 월동기간 중 흙속매몰, 보온덮개+짚 피복에서 최고와 최저 온도차가 각각 $2.8^{\circ}C$, $6.4^{\circ}C$로 작았으며, $-10^{\circ}C$ 이하시의 보온효과도 노지 기온에 비하여 5~7배 높았다. 발아는 보온덮개+짚, 부직포+짚에서 시작이 빨랐으며, 발아율도 흙속매몰에 비하여 각각 22%, 7% 높았다. 주지경, 절간장 그리고 신초장은 흙속매몰, 피복재+짚 처리에에서 굵거나 길었으며, 근두암종병 발생은 무피복에 비하여 피복처리에서, 피복처리 중에는 흙속매몰에서 가장 심하였다. 작업단계별 노동력 투하량은 흙속매몰(관행)에 비하여 보온재 피복에서 44~57% 절감되었다.